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Order and Payment

How to order and pay

Sending gifts with www.TrimiteCadouriInRomania & www.SendGifts2Romania is a simple and secure process. We will guide you through the process each step:

1 Gift Selection

When you have found an item, click on “Buy” to add it to your shopping cart.

After you click the button, a message will appear on your screen confirming that the item was added to your shopping cart. At this time you have the option to either continue to checkout, or return to shopping.

2. Shop for more gifts

In case you decide to return to shopping for gifts, your shopping cart will remember the items that you already added to the shopping cart. If at any time you wish to view the content of your shopping cart, you can click on “View” button below your Shopping Cart sign (your shopping cart link is on the upper right corner of the screen at all times for your convenience).

3. Continue to checkout

When you are ready to checkout, you can click on the “\Checkout” button, underneath your shopping Cart

You will be guided step by step through the checkout process

4. Enter your information (Buyer data)

At this point you need to enter your name, address, phone, e-mail.

5. Delivery information (here you are telling us who you are sending your gift to)

You will be asked if all the gifts will be sent to the same address, or if you would like to send them to different people and different addresses.

If you choose to send all gifts to the same address, then you will need to enter the delivery information information (name, address where you want us to send the gift).

If you choose to send the gifts to different recipients and different addresses, then you will be asked to enter each recipient information (name, address, and phone). At this point, you will have multiple gifts in your shopping cart – you will be asked to assign the gifts in the shopping cart to each recipient/address (you will need to drag and drop the items from your cart into the appropriate section corresponding to each recipient/address)

You will be asked to enter a message for the recipient. The message will appear on a free card, which will be sent together with the gift.

6. Payment

Lastly, you will be asked to enter the credit card information – the payment is done through Paypal, on a secure website. You can use any Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover cards.

We will keep you posted at all time as to the status of your delivery.

You will receive an e-mail informing you that you placed an order on &

You will receive an e-mail from Paypal informing you that your debit card / credit card were charged.

You will receive confirmation of the order being delivered

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